GIF: Royals OF Alex Gordon Attacked By Petco Park


After years and years of having players dig metal spikes into their outfield walls to try to make spectacular plays, one stadium has apparently become sentient and is striking back. San Diego’s Petco Park kicked the Royals’ Alex Gordon while he was down shortly after the outfielder narrowly missed catching a foul ball down the left field line.


(GIF courtesy Deadspin)

It certainly was not terribly malicious, so it was likely just a warning shot to give players a glimpse at what these stadiums are capable of. Of course, it could also be symbolic of the Royals already beginning to collapse under the weight of unusually high expectations this season.

On the plus side, the falling panel seemed to reveal either the deep dark hole in which the Padres have been hiding their talent for most of the past decade or the entrance to John Malkovich’s head….

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