GIF: Saints P Thomas Morstead takes the nastiest hit of the game


This story may sound familiar: things weren’t going so well for the Saints in the first half in Seattle. Again. While the Seahawks were busy scoring points, the Saints were busy filming the first scenes for the NFL 2014 blooper reel.

Nothing was working. Drew Brees was overthrowing people, Mark Ingram was fumbling, receivers couldn’t catch anything (which might not be so bad if they’ve ever slept with Kim Kardashian), and no one could tackle Marshawn Lynch.

So you’d think punting might be okay at least, right?



(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

Ouch. Gotta catch the ball Thomas.

The Saints’ center will probably get fined for an illegal shot to a defenseless groin too. Goodell never misses a chance for a fine.

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