GIF: Saints WR Marques Colston loses his mind mid-play


It was a kick in the nuts kind of a game for the Saints ( but thanks to a few strokes of God, they were actually still alive somehow. Down by 8 they recovered an onside kick (Shayne Graham can’t kick a field goal, but can kick an onside kick? Sure.) and completed a couple passes, one to Marques Colston with about 8 seconds left.

What do you do next, get out of bounds, maybe try a hail mary or 2 right? With how things were going surely something crazy might’ve happened.

Marques disagrees. He uh…did this:


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

Yikes. That’s only legal in the XFL, Marques.

There was a theory about what happened here:

That could very well be the case…someone should probably check on him.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at what Drew Brees will now be doing next weekend:


Have fun Drew.

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