GIF: Sixers G Michael Carter-Williams forgets to shoot


The Sixers have been losing for so long that the last time they won, Abraham Lincoln was president of the United States (Don’t believe us? Google it, you’ll see.). In the midst of that tanking they’ve shed basically every healthy even mildly talented player they have, for well…nothing.

But who did they keep? Rookie G Michael Carter-Williams, who along with Nerlens Noel will be the future of this team if they ever decide to stop tanking (hey why only tank one season? Tank 5 years in a row and you’re talkin all star team.).

Well it seems Mr. Carter-Williams has forgotten how to play basketball in the midst of all this. At one point against the Bulls he drove the lane and pulled up for a jumper.

Then he did…well…this. Watch the crowd at the end also:


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

Michael it’s called a jumpshot because you actually have to shoot after you jump.

You might wanna write that one down. Or don’t, it’ll help the tanking.

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