GIF: (Spoiler Alert) Prince Fielder Is Slow

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Some players are fleet enough to beat out a double play. Others can take advantage of the slightest hiccup on the turn. Then there is Prince Fielder.

In an exhibition game against the Chicago White Sox, facing the usual infield shift, Prince decided to slap it to the left side and use his speed. Even his new teammates on the Rangers knew better than that. Inspired by the onset of March Madness, baserunner Josh Wilson went for the blocked shot on the turn at second base….and he succeeded. Wilson deflected the throw with his left hand and slid into second confident that he did what had to be done to get his team’s hefty first baseman on base.

Not so fast! (literally)


Apparently, Rangers runners will need to sack the second baseman/shortstop like Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos superstar Demarcus Ware.

It seems not only is everything bigger in Texas, it’s also slower as well.

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