GIF: Spurs vs Thunder Game 1 and 2, recapped Rocky IV style

Kevin Durant

The Thunder have taken an absolute beating from the Spurs in every sense of the word in the first two games of the Western Conference Finals. It’s essentially if you tried to take on Andre the Giant in a wrestling match (unless the WWE gods were kind enough to fix it in your favor.)

As such, they’ve had to update their strategy for the rest of the series:

Odds are the Spurs will rip that down and set it on fire too. They’re out for blood.

So to recap what’s happened so far, here’s Gregg Popovich, Russell Westbrook,  Kevin Durant, and Scott Brooks starring in Rocky IV: The Western Conference Finals edition:


(GIF via @KennyDucey)

Scott Brooks standing there doing nothing but watching Kevin Durant die pretty much describes his entire coaching career.

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