GIF: Tigers Fan, Indians Fan Fight For HR Ball


If you want to get Detroit fans and Cleveland fans to scatter, throw a bar of soap their way. However, if you want to turn them into rabid dogs fighting over a piece of meat, toss them a baseball. A prime example of this happened over the weekend when a Torii Hunter fly ball found the outfield seats.


(GIF courtesy MLB’s Cut4)

Damn, Cleveland fans. You get Johnny Football, you get Lebron, you apparently get access to all the best all-you-can-eat restaurants and now you think you deserve to be given everything. Nonetheless, this is a bold move by Chief Yoo-Hoo. A Pew Research Center study has shown that 98.4% of all out of town fans who mess with Detroit fans at games in Detroit end up murdered.

So R.I.P., Indians fan. In your memory, your jersey will be flown to Cleveland and used to cover 20,000 empty seats at Progressive Field during the Indians’ next homestand.


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