GIF: Tigers’ Ian Kinsler Slips, Spikes Throw To Second


Ian Kinsler has led a pretty charmed life this year. He escaped Texas in advance of the Rangers’ collapse and their training room turning Kevorkian-esque with all the season-ending injuries. He ended up in Detroit where not only has the team added yet another Cy Young award winner to the rotation but, more importantly, Justin Verlander has brought back Kate Upton.

Kinsler is obviously in need of being brought back down to Earth a little bit. Appropriately enough, that is what gravity is for.


(GIF courtesy @cjzero)

That was either a horrendous throw to second or a spectacular no-look bounce pass to Miguel Cabrera that even Magic Johnson would be envious of.

With this debacle behind them, Kinsler and the Tigers can resume their strong season at least until they combine to do something both have solid experience with – losing the World Series.


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