GIF: Tom Brady left hanging. Again.


As you can see above, Tom Brady gets SUPER excited when his team is winning, thanks for asking. Problem is, none of his teammates that aren’t named “Rob Gronkowski” care (this is what happens when Brady and Gronk celebrate:

Earlier this year, Brady was infamously left hanging on a high five by Julian Edelman against the Saints, and against the Steelers after they got finished destroying them. They said it would never happen again.

Well, about that…


(GIF via

He’s reportedly still on that Baltimore sideline, looking for SOMEONE to high five him. A janitor, anyone. PLEASE.

Nobody wants to high five and he’s got other problems: refs trying to take his job.


The QB ref doesn’t see the blitzing ref…that could be trouble.

But poor Tommy, he makes scrub receivers into stars and none of them care. Just go get some nice new Uggs Tommy, that always makes you feel better.


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