GIF: Villanova is a flop in the Big East Tournament, literally


Villanova took on Seton Hall in the Big East American Athletic Conference Big East Tournament in what seemed like a pretty easy game. It was. For Seton Hall.

Perhaps having been paid off by Duke, Villanova put on a pretty pathetic performance, highlighted by JayVaughn Pinkston’s LeBron impression. No, he didn’t throw down some insane dunk, what do you think he did?

He flopped. Badly.


(GIF via @FanSidedGIF)

Okay Marcus Smart, you better step your flop game up to match this one.

You know David Stern is DYING to fine him for this. Gotta pay for retirement somehow.

This was an excellent LeBron impression, potentially could’ve even cracked the Top 5 of our #NOTSCTop10 LeBron flops: So when JayVaughn rockets up the Heat and Clippers’ draft boards, you shouldn’t wonder why.


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