GIF: Yoervis Medina Curve Ball Brings Alexei Ramirez To His Knees


White Sox fans have spent most of this season on their knees praying that their team would start looking like a major league team once again. While the baseball gods have obviously ignored their pleas, at least one member of the Sox empathizes. Shortstop Alexei Ramirez has joined them in prayer, though it is more likely that he is simply praying not to see another breaking ball from the Mariners’ Yoervis Medina ever again.


(GIF courtesy MLB)

That is simply a broken man. In fact, instead of praying not to face Medina again, it is more likely that Ramirez is cursing the heavens for not getting traded away from Chicago at the deadline.

Don’t fret, poor Alexei. How bad could it possibly be? It’s not like the White Sox’ season has gotten so bad that they have had to put their designated hitter on the mound to pitch.



Never mind.


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