GIF: Youngstown State’s punter punts into his own lineman’s butt


Most week one games feature big schools playing against schools that would be closer to qualifying as an online school than an actual football team. And in the Big Ten, that’s actually a daunting challenge (just ask Michigan).

In a game between Illinois and Youngstown State, Youngstown State’s punter rolled right looking possibly to throw, but ultimately decided to punt (again, the standard Michigan play).

There was only one problem though. When he punted it, he hit his own player. 3 yards in front of him. In the butt.

Say hello to…the #ButtPunt:


(GIF via @TomFornelli)

Looks like Mark Sanchez got a new job punting.

Does this beat the #ButtFumble? You decide: (GIF on page 10:


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