GIFs: Rich Eisen takes on Clowney, Manziel, and more in the 40


You probably know Rich Eisen, the former SportsCenter anchor turned NFL Network anchor turned podcast host/whatever it is he does now. Each year at the NFL Combine he takes a shot at running the 40 yard dash for all the out of shape couch potato guys that watch the NFL.

It’s never easy running the 40, because you have all kinds of potential obstacles:


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Mike Tomlin never turns down a chance to “accidentally” wander on the field.

His goal was to finally break the 40 yard dash, could he do it?


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Did he do it??

YES! That’s the kind of speed you can’t teach, but you can probably create it with 10-15 years of eating McDonalds (there’s your next venture Morgan Spurlock).

He’s shaved off .8 seconds in his 10 runs, from 6.77 to 5.98. Could there be Performance Enhancing Drugs at play? We’ll leave that for Roger Goodell to decide (he’ll probably fine him regardless)

He does have some history of it:


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Now as NFL Network likes to do each year, Eisen takes on some of the biggest names in the 40. Check the following pages (by clicking the page numbers below) to see how he did.

First up is Jadeveon Clowney, who is 6’5, 266. Eisen’s not nearly that big, so, you’d think that wouldn’t be so bad, right? Well….

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