GIFs: Royals’ Nori Aoki Is Having A Rough Week


In case you had forgotten just how bad the Kansas City Royals franchise has been recently – and by “recently”, we mean the last 29 years – they have generously chosen this week to provide us with wide variety of reminders. Yesterday, we shared the story of the team’s DH getting thrown out at first by the right fielder on what appeared to be a line drive base hit. Not to be outdone, teammate Omar Infante – apparently unaccustomed to actually putting the ball in play – was also thrown out at first base by Bautista when he failed to run out what he mistakenly thought was a foul ball.

[iframe src=’’ width=’600′ height=’336′ frameborder=’0′]
(Video courtesy Major League Baseball)

However, no one was having a more typically Royals week that Nori Aoki, who adeptly summed up the franchise’s ineptitude both at the plate and in the field.

Earlier in the week, Aoki took a horrible swing at a horrible pitch and ended up in a crumpled heap on the ground, much like most Royals fans after yet another loss.


(GIF courtesy Kansas City Star)

If that play represents Royals fans after a loss, the follow represents Royals fans after yet another lost season. Aoki tracked a pop up into foul territory and slid to make the catch only to end up with a severe case of Royal blue balls.


(GIF courtesy Fansided)

So we here at NOTSportsCenter thank you, Kansas City Royals, for all the material this week.


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  2. Johnson


    Funny how the Royals have a good shot at winning the World Series. My god who wrote this? The Royals had a winning season last year (10 games over .500) and have had high expectations all year. We have actually gone on to make the playoffs this year and just swept the team with the best record in the regular season in the ALDS.

    Whoever wrote this: You look like a buffoon. Yes the Royals have had a rough couple decades. This is all so far out of context though. Why all the hate? We are actually a really good team lol! It will be quite humorous when we win the World Series this year.

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