GIF: Golden Tate says “Hi, I’m a giant douche. Nice to meet you!”


Golden Tate did what he does best on Monday Night Football: act like a giant douche and show off against a bad team. We’d say act like you’ve been there before, but considering the only time the Seahawks have seen a Super Bowl trophy is through a glass case or being held up by the Steelers, that would probably be difficult.

The Rams outgained the Seahawks 339 yards to 135 yards, but it didn’t stop Golden Tate from acting ridiculous about making one total play all night against a team they were “supposed” to beat by 30 or so:


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

Golden Tate has now “shown up” the mighty Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams in back to back weeks. He’s the kind of guy that would push over a handicapped kid and get in his face about it, like a true giant douche. If he and Richard Sherman keep it up, they can adopt the whole chant: “We’ve got spirit, yes we do! Giant douches, me and you! Let’s goooooo douches!” We should’ve voted for Turd Sandwich.


  1. GI_Styles


    Now if that isn’t a butthurt over-reaction to something, I don’t know what is.

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