GIF: Dodgers SS Dee Gordon showing you his shocked face


9th inning, one out, one guy on, trailing by one…all the pressure on the Braves, so naturally the Dodgers try to steal a base. Not like the Braves have a propensity for blowing it in these situations or anything, but hey…why not. YOMO (you only manage once), right?

And after it happened, he was either “clearly out on the tag” or “robbed by some serious BS” depending on who you were pulling for to win the game.

After hearing he was called out, Dee Gordon can’t believe it. So he wants to show you something…it’s his shocked face:


(GIF via @corkgaines)

Dee Gordon: “Man there’s no way I can be out, the Braves are SUPPOSED to blow this game! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!”

The Braves walked a guy after, but ended up holding on to win thanks to the extra out that they were “gifted” or “earned” (again, depending on who you were pulling for). So much for thinking of the children.

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