GIF: Royals fan dancing Grape Jam Style


There is so much to love about this GIF….

  • On the right, we get Psy Bro in the out-of-place maroon zip-up hoodie.
  • To the left is k. d. lang’s illegitimate son in the Jayhawks sweatshirt, looking immensely excited about trying to swallow his own lower lip.
  • In the upper left corner is a woman holding a drink whose expression changes so quickly and so drastically that she looks like she was just reminded that she lives in Kansas City.

Obviously, though, it is easy to overlook all of that because of the star of the show, Amish Chris Farley. One can’t blame him for being excited. After all, the Royals (79-71) have an excellent chance of finishing over .500 for the first time since 10 years and 280 pounds ago.


(GIF courtesy

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