Halloween NFL Logos: all 32 NFL logos if they were scary


It’s Halloween season, which means it’s time for crazy and scary costumes (and slutty, don’t forget that part.). And in the NFL, there’s a lot that’s already scary. Say for example JJ Watt’s bloody face, or the Raiders or the Jaguars on the field. But many teams could use a fear boost.

Knowing that, David Rappoccio, the same guy who has done many excellent NFL logo packages that we’ve used to make fun of all of the teams in the NFL (for example, all 32 NFL logos if they were fat: to try to feed that never ending football itch, now gives us even more fun with NFL logos.

In honor of Halloween, Dave wondered what would NFL logos look like if they were a lot scarier? He’s taken all the logos and given them a Halloween theme. As with all the logo remixes we feature, they’re broken down by a division per page. Check ‘em all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

Again, to be clear, all of the logo pictures are done by:

@DrawPlayDave at

The captions are ours, the drawings are his.



AFC East



This was modeled after Rob Gronkowski, either freshly out of surgery or after a night of drinking. Or both.




This is what happened to the Bill waiting on its’ team to win a Super Bowl.




This was modeled after all the spider and cobwebs in the stands in Miami, filling up where fans used to sit.




At least with footballs for eyes he won’t be able to watch the Jets play. Always a plus.

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