“The Ten Innings of Josh Hamilton”


In one of the more impressive displays of futility last night, Josh Hamilton started the game against the Mariners by grounding into three double plays before striking out in his final two at bats.  He would end up leaving seven on base in a one-run game that Seattle would win in ten innings.  We were inspired to write a song called “The Ten Innings of Josh Hamilton” (based upon “The Twelve Days of Christmas”).  Following is what would be the final stanza.  Enjoy!

Thru the 10th inning of the game, Josh Hamilton gave to me….

10 thousand fans-a-booing

9 Rangers mocking

8 outs-a-making

7 left on base

6 tattooists tattooing

5 too many at-bats

4 endorsers bailing

3 double plays

2 strikeouts

and an albatross of a contract

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