After seeing his flopping skills, Heat sign Geno Smith


The Jets were in full Jets mode on Sunday, including attempting a fake punt that went horribly wrong ( But despite all their derping all over the field, they still won. Why? They were playing the Cleveland Browns. Enough said. Geno Smith impressed many people, finally playing fairly well (214 yards, 0 turnovers, and 55% completion, which for the Jets, is like MVP caliber).

But who he impressed the most might surprise you: the Miami Heat, who have signed him to a one year deal. Why? Well, in the 2nd quarter, Geno Smith was running towards the sideline attempting to avoid being hit (yes, the Browns actually can do that on occasion). Well after running out of bounds, Geno was “hit” (aka lightly pushed, which is about the hardest hit you’ll see in the NFL) by  Browns S TaShaun Gipson and went flying towards the sideline.

See for yourself:

(Vine via @PeytonsHead)

He’s no LeBron or Manu Ginobili, but he’s definitely got potential. Rex Ryan had a very nice LeBron-esque pout as well, maybe he can land a job as a Heat assistant?

Impressed by such skill, the Heat immediately signed Geno to a one year deal. Erik Spoelstra: “Geno really impressed us out there today. He’s a body we can use off the bench in the playoffs to “draw fouls.” Those kinds of skills should easily help us take out a few valuable Pacers.”

David Stern was all set to fine Geno for this flop, until he heard the Heat snapped him up. “I can’t do anything to harm my boys. This is an exciting addition for us. We’re going to have pull a few tricks to win it this year with me retiring in February.”

Maybe this football thing isn’t for the Jets. Maybe their future’s in the NBA. They don’t even play basketball and they’re good enough to be the 3rd seed in the East.

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