Heat set NBA record, win 7 game series with the Bucks in just 6 minutes

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“I told you it’d go six,” Brandon Jennings said following the Milwaukee Bucks 110-87 loss to the Miami Heat. “I just didn’t realize it’d be over in six minutes.”

Normally, first round matchups between the #1 seed and #8 seed don’t stretch too long, but last night the Heat won their seven game series with the Bucks halfway through the first quarter of the first game, setting an NBA record. They will advance and play either the Bulls or Nets in the second round.

“I knew it was over before the tip, actually,” LeBron James said. “But Uncle David (Stern), said we had to at least let it go 6 minutes for advertising reasons.”

When reminded of Brandon Jennings’ first round prediction that the Bucks would defeat the Heat in six games, LeBron replied, “But come on, they don’t even have any refs their roster. We didn’t even have to play Joey Crawford last night and we still won instantly.”

Resting head referee Joey Crawford during those six minutes could prove to be crucial for the second round as Crawford is nursing a sore hamstring.

When asked if the Heat learned anything from their brief series with the Bucks, LeBron pointed to their defense as an area of improvement. “Yeah it’s impressive that we scored 110 points in 6 minutes, but we also gave up 87.” He then turned a sneering look towards referee Bennett Salvatore. Urine seemed to soak around Salvatore’s crotch area as he mouthed the words, “I’m sorry, master,” back at James.

“I have a feeling we’ll get better,” James said.

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