VIDEO: Adam Pardy Loses Helmet, Gets Beer Shower


Chicago– As fans, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing a player leave the ice and squirt water or Gatorade on their neck while waiting for their next shift.

Now imagine if it wasn’t water or Gatorade, but beer.

During the third period of an eventual defeat at the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks, Winnipeg Jets Defenseman Adam Pardy was chasing the puck down the ice when a clean body check pushed him through the glass separating the players from the crowd. The following exchange can be seen here.

I’m not sure what is worse:

1) Having an obviously hammered Blackhawks fan yank the helmet right off your head,

2) Having obviously hammered Blackhawks fan’s companion dump beer all over you,

3) Wasting a $9 cup of beer,

4) Playing for the Winnipeg Jets, or

5) All of the above.

Despite the interference, Adam Pardy would remain in the game, the fans would not, and the Blackhawks would go on to beat the Winnipeg Thrashers Jets 4-1. Despite the forgettable affair, Adam Pardy is sure to remember it. After all, if you’re gonna party with fans, you might as well “Pardy” hard.

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