REPORT: Trindon Holliday fined $75,000 for embarrassing the NFL


Unless you live in the middle of BFE in like Idaho, you’ve probably heard by now that Broncos KR Trindon Holliday got lit up by Colts P Pat McAfee. Yeah, a PUNTER. (If you haven’t go here:

Since this is the new “sensitive, caring, (insert nickname for a cat or female privates here)” NFL, there was inevitably going to be some fallout from a major hit like that, there always is. McAfee was “randomly” drug tested yesterday. Now, according to a report, today a $75,000 fine has been issued. Not to Pat McAfee, at least not yet. He may have been “targeting” or “tackling” or some other illegal anti-player safety thing, we’ll see. But he’s in the clear for now (depending on how that urine test turns out).

Rather, Trindon Holliday himself was fined $75,000. Why? For “embarrassing the NFL by getting lit up by a punter.” Roger Goodell: “I was so ashamed after this happened Sunday night. I mean it was pretty funny and all, and I think McAfee’s probably on HGH, but we can’t be having our skill position players getting embarrassed by PUNTERS. Punters may be people, barely, but they’re still punters. They’re essentially soccer players, and who likes soccer? Exactly. So I’ve had to fine Trindon to teach him a lesson.”

Is there anything Roger Goodell won’t fine someone for? “Probably not,” Goodell said. “But I’ll say this, I MIGHT stop fining everyone every 5 seconds if we get that 18 game schedule passed…wink, wink…nudge, nudge. Until then, I’m going to bleed Ndamukong Suh dry. He’d just waste the money like all the other players do anyway, so I might as well fine the pants off of him. No homo. CRAP! Pretend you didn’t hear that David Stern.” Blackmail, that’s the American way. Well done Roger.

Trindon is expected to appeal the fine like everyone else does, which means you can expect about 6 weeks of argument and the fine being reduced to either about 50 cents or tossed completely. There you go Roger, that’ll show ‘em.

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