Serge Ibaka vs. Matt Barnes. Round 1. FIGHT!


Serge Ibaka’s arm got caught under Blake Griffin’s arm, so naturally that led to a fight between Serge Ibaka and…Matt Barnes?

Sort of. Matt Barnes decided that YOLO was the motto and closed his eyes and shoved Serge Ibaka. It resulted in this:

(Video via @BeyondTheBuzzer)

It’s amazing Griffin didn’t flop into the stands after being thrown off like that.¬†Captain trollface and Ibaka were both ejected, Barnes for his douchery, and Ibaka so that he didn’t go on a Clipper killing spree.

After finding out he was ejected, Matt Barnes grabbed his son and said “Screw you guys, we’re going home.”


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

Hopefully that’s actually his kid, or we could have a much bigger story here.

Barnes (or possibly his soon to be made up “hacker”) took to twitter to issue some thoughts that will soon be deleted/”apologized” for (Update: he chose the deleted route)


The Clippers went on to defeat the Thunder 111-103. Matt Barnes was Clipper of the game, putting up a very impressive 3 fines (ejection, in-game tweet, tweet content) and 0 points. An infinite number of fines per point could vault him into MVP discussion.

If the Clippers really want to waste money on someone like Barnes, there are more entertaining uses. Like setting a giant pile of money on fire for example. It’s starting to get cold, you know.

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