Inception of MLB Obnoxiousness


Blatantly bad calls by umpires – especially when they directly impact the outcome of the game – are horrendous and frustrating….unless they come at the expense of Hawk Harrelson’s White Sox, in which case they are glorious and hilarious.  The baseball gods, however, were not content to merely provide us with such a miracle recently during a Marlins-White Sox game.  It just had to be Angel Hernandez who blew the call, providing us with an Inception of baseball obnoxiousness.  All that’s missing is Bug Selig watching on smugly with his arms folded across his chest.

If you haven’t seen the play in question….

When someone ultimately makes a full length movie splicing together all of Angel Hernandez’ ridiculous calls throughout his career, this should be final act.

For more on Angel Hernandez, check out our interview with the umpire from earlier this year.  In other related content, here’s the leaked MLB press release template to address blown calls by umpires.

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