It wasn’t LeBron that scored 61 points. It was…someone else.


If  you’ve put on any kind of ESPN media platform during the month of March, you’ve heard all you could possibly hear about LeBron’s “amazing, incredible, never been done before, will never be done again” 61 point performance, despite it being something even former Spurs bench anchor Tracy McGrady has topped. Crediting his mask, debating whether his mask is the greatest of all time (we gathered the funniest memes and tweets on his mask here:

There were non-stop comments like this SportsCenter promo:

Or this SportsCenter promo:

Or…okay, you get the idea. We could be giving you examples all day. But what they haven’t told you is that it wasn’t even LeBron that scored 61. It was…someone else.

“I was really suspicious that night, something seemed different about my Bron Bron,” said Chris Bosh. “He looked different in that clear mask, he didn’t look like my sexy piece of man cand…i mean he didn’t look like my teammate. Damnit, I’m not gay, I swear. My mouth just says gay things sometimes, I can’t control it. Savannah Brinson doesn’t believe me, but I swear it’s true. Would I really be married to a woman if I was gay? Come on. Have you ever heard of a gay man doing that? Exactly.”


Chris Bosh definitely “isn’t” gay.

Bosh kept rambling on about how “not gay” he was for another 15 minutes or so. Finally, after we told him we “believed” him, he got back to the point. “But back to Bronny…he was taking tons of threes pre-game and making all of them. I mean he’s an okay 3 point shooter, but he wasn’t missing, and he normally doesn’t shoot that many. It’s like he turned all the sliders in 2K all the way down. It got me so hot that I had to run back to the locker room and uh…cool off. Excuse me a minute.”

Bosh then ran out of the room, and Dwyane Wade walked in. Wade reveals on page 2 (which you can see by clicking the page number below) who the real hero against the Bobcats was.

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