GIF: Jameis Winston: “Hail Mary? No praying needed here.”


Florida State’s Jameis Winston has done some pretty ridiculous things in his career. In 3 games he’s had a better career than many other FSU QBs, even ones that played 4 years (Chris Rix would be a prime example.)

But on Saturday, he turned it way up, completing a 55 yard Hail Mary TD pass at the end of the half without even stepping into the throw. He took the Johnny Manziel play from a couple weeks ago ( and shoved a bunch of steroids down its’ throat.

If Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson was a QB, it would look something like this:


(GIF via @BleacherReport)

Boston College’s defense: “Well we don’t need to drop anyone deep we’ve got him sac…OH F*@$@( F( !(#*!$(*!@($U%* (F*(@R*@”

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