Video: Suns C Jermaine O’Neal gets game winning points…for the Rockets.

Phoenix Suns v Houston Rockets

Last night Phoenix Suns C ¬†Jermaine O’Neal decided to put the team on his back and win the game. Only one problem: it was for the wrong team. After the buzzer ending the quarter went off, he reached through the net and swatted away James Harden’s shot. He didn’t even think it was a big deal, he thought a great play.

O’ Neal on his game-winning goaltend: “Man I spiked that thing away clean, I didn’t understand why we didn’t get the points. I thought it was great. Then I found out we weren’t playing volleyball. Crap. Forgot to take my pills at the home last night and was up way past my bedtime. Oops. I need my pills and my sleep. Wait…what are we talking about again? Who are you people?” Jermaine’s a little all over the place there, which isn’t surprising, considering he reported to Arizona’s football stadium for a game last week by mistake.

James Harden, who was the benefactor of O’Neal’s mistake, on Jermaine’s goaltend: “I had no idea what he was doing but it’s not like I care. Did you actually see the shot I took? Man that thing was ugly. Thank god teams like the Suns employ 80 year old men at Center. Maybe I can get Tim Duncan to do that during the playoffs. What is that guy like 100 now?” Actually it’s closer to 90 James, but you almost had it.

Well, Jermaine might have alzheimer’s but it doesn’t make the mistake any less funny. Here it is:

[youtube id=”226kTfVrurE” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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  1. The guys who write this are geniuses

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