Video: Jordan is Kobe? Kobe is Jordan? Einhorn is Finkle?


Watch the video below and you can see how many Michael Jordan moves Kobe likes to imitate. What does this mean?

1. Kobe is the greatest of all time. The greatest imitator of all time, that is. He pulls off some of Jordan’s moves with some precise efficiency. It’s amazing Kobe didn’t take a 2 year break to go be god awful at minor league baseball as well. He still has a chance to finish his career with the Wizards and buy the Bobcats, but there’s no one on earth that wants to do either one of those.

2. Standard def TV was an embarrassment. Make sure to hug your HDTV the next time you see it, because man…the quality was bad.

3. Someone needs to make a similar video overlaying Magic Johnson and LeBron so LeBron fans don’t whine about being left out (they will anyway). That way we can see all the amazing passes by Magic Johnson and all the similarly amazing passes by LeBron that end up as turnovers. And then everyone will be compared somehow. Fair is fair.

And for the 5 of you that don’t get the reference in the title, watch this (or if you do get it, here it is again). It’s probably how Jordan fans that hadn’t seen the Jordan/Kobe video feel about Kobe now.

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