Bobcats owner Michael Jordan “blown away” by Jrue Holiday’s 2 for 24 performance


Philadelphia 76ers point guard Jrue Holiday had his worst game of the season Wednesday night in a loss to the Charlotte Bobcats, however his play did catch the eye of Bobcats owner Michael Jordan. “I’m not used to seeing players burn up the net like that. It was crazy when he hit the first one, but then when he hit that second one? I was blown away.”

Charlotte Coach Mike Dunlap was also enthralled by the performance. “Even the misses were so close, hitting the rim and everything. You just had to sit back and enjoy it.”

The Bobcats have a record of 18-57 and are on pace to post the worst record in the league for the second season in a row. In early January, there were some discussions internally to save costs by removing one of the hoops from the court altogether. “I understood the thinking,” Jordan said. “But my gut tells me we’ll need that hoop one day.”

A source close to the situation revealed that after witnessing Holiday’s two field goal explosion, Jordan is intent on trying to acquire the point guard through a trade in the offseason. “Just think, if we can get a player like that 72 shots per game, he’ll average double digits.”

It’s unlikely, however, that Jordan will have the trade chips to get it done.

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