Josh Freeman diagnosed with “Mark Sanchez-like” symptoms


After going a “not even Tim Tebow is that bad” 20 for 53 against the Giants, some wondered what was wrong with Josh Freeman. Not Bucs fans, they’ve seen that movie dozens of times before. But those who think Freeman “needed time to adjust to the Vikings system” so that he wouldn’t fail to hit wide open receivers in the hands from 5 yards away, are convinced something was wrong. Well, it turns out, they were right. Sort of. Today Josh Freeman was diagnosed with something that might explain all those wild throws.

No, he’s not blind (good guess though). The Vikings originally said Freeman was going to start again, but then thought he had a “concussion” (aka they realized they’d be better off starting legendary Viking QB Fran Tarkenton, who is 73 years old, while he was hammered on Jack Daniels). Turns out it was much worse than even that. Freeman has severe “Mark Sanchez-like” symptoms. It’s as bad as it sounds. According to medical experts, it causes you to completely forget what a football is for. And more.

Vikings doctors think Freeman caught it when he was benched and called Mark Sanchez for advice ( Since then, it’s slowly grown and gotten progressively worse over time (just like Mark Sanchez). They’re worried about what’s going to happen next. He’s already spent time at Taco Bell (, so what else could there be? Well, he’s reportedly had some headbands on recently that look like they belong to a 12 year old girl. Uh oh.

Combine Josh Freeman’s “struggles with the system” and Mark Sanchez like-symptoms, and you’ve got a recipe for a butt fumble horror movie. Freeman could run into a lineman and his arm might fall off. Or even his head. But knowing the Vikings, they’d probably still stick him out there. How many arms and heads do you really need to play QB with Adrian Peterson? A giant hand is pretty much all they need to do handoffs. But mixing Josh Freeman with “Mark Sanchez-like” symptoms? That may soon be all they have left of him.

And knowing Freeman, that one hand would still overthrow everyone.

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