Knicks G J.R. Smith vows improved alcohol tolerance


JR Smith has vowed to do everything in his power to fix the shooting woes that have plagued him as of late. The media has pointed to Smith’s vibrant night life as the reason for his slump, often being photographed at New York City night clubs at ungodly hours with alcoholic beverages in his hands. Smith seems to have found an answer.

“It’s my tolerance,” Smith said. “Of course I’ll miss shots if I was too wasted the night before. I got to get my tolerance up.”

After his comment, Smith politely asked reporters to hold up his legs so he could complete a thirty second keg stand. “Now count for me!”

“Twenty seven! Twenty eight! Twenty nine! Thirty!”

Smith landed back on his feet, “Who’s da man!”

“You’re the man!” Marc Berman of the New York Post responded.

Smith, who blatantly stared at the breasts of the female reporter who asked him if he’d continue this strategy in Indiana, slurred his speech as he answered, “I know, man, it’s gonna be tough. Do they even have clubs in Indiana? Worst comes to worst, I’ll huff gasoline in the back of a barn somewhere.”

When Steve Novak suggested that wasn’t a great idea, Smith responded, “Fine, let’s just do whippits.”

Smith then looked Novak in the eye and said, “Hey white boy hold up this funnel for me. Who’s da man?”

You are, JR Smith. You are.

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  1. hahahaha lol xD lmaoroflhehehehelicopter

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