Justin Tucker hits 61 yard FG, gives a shout out to fantasy football


It’s 3rd and 10 and the Ravens are a little past midfield with a QB in Joe Flacco that they once made the highest paid player in the NFL, so what do they do?

They run, of course. To set up a field goal.


Yes, that’s actually what the Ravens did. They ran the ball to set up this:


(GIF via @athleteswag)

From 61 yards. SIXTY. ONE. And no mile high weird air assistance on this one, either *cough* Matt Prater *cough*

The Lions sideline reaction:


(pic via @AwfulAnnouncing)

They either just saw some nice booty in the stands, or lost on a 61 yard FG. Or both.

After Matt Stafford came out and did his best Tony Romo impression, Justin Tucker officially beat the Lions 18 to 16.

Wikipedia was officially updated to reflect his beating an entire team by himself:


(pic via @mpolites)

In the postgame interview he gave a special shoutout:

(H/T @awfulannouncing)

Fantasy owners with Justin Tucker weren’t the only ones excited, Chicago Bears players were too.


Perhaps if you guys had not lost to the Redskins, Vikings and Rams you wouldn’t have to rely on 61 yard field goals?

Finally, let’s take a look at Lions fans and fantasy owners facing Justin Tucker.

They look a lot like fantasy owners facing Jamaal Charles did:


The Lions had just about everyone on the Bears and Packers die, and they’re STILL in third place. Lions football baby!


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