SOURCES: Katherine Webb to be awarded to QB of National Champion


The Sugar Bowl was hard on many people (unless you hate the SEC, in which case it was freakin amazing). Everyone from Bama fans ( to cameramen who ended up looking like Manti Te’o did when he tried to tackle Alabama ( to miss “Why am I famous again? Oh, because Brent Musburger was sporting wood on national TV. That’s how everyone wants to get famous, right?” herself, Katherine Webb, had a long night.¬†

This was Katherine’s last night in the college spotlight, watching her boy AJ McCarron start his 197th game for Alabama (no wonder he’s piled up so many Bama records), before she moved on to the NFL and watched AJ bumble around with the Jaguars or Browns. She was feeling optimistic, they had just patched things up after she tried to drop him for “that returner guy” after the Auburn game (, and she thought this was a big night for him. Oops.

Right from the beginning, it just didn’t go the way they wanted. And after one of AJ McCarron’s interceptions, as you can see below, Katherine began thinking of a plan.


(Pic via @BleacherReport)

“You know, Jameis Winston is only a freshman, I could milk at least another year of exposure out of watching him. And Nick Marshall plays for my real school, so I could ¬†finally stop pretending to like Alabama. Hmmmmm.”

But she wasn’t sure. She was loyal to AJ (as long as you don’t count when she tried to break up with him, which women don’t. They only count it if the guy does it, duh.), and she really didn’t know if that was the way she wanted to go. She thought about those big bucks AJ was going to make in the NFL. Sure, it was probably a pay cut from what he was making now, but that was okay. It was still potential big bucks for her. So she hung in there. AJ got the ball back, down 38-31. “This is it!” Webb thought.

You know what happened next.


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

According to our sources, she hid her mouth, because she was saying: “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I CAN’T GO OUT LIKE THIS THIS IS EMBARRASSING WHY AM I CHEERING FOR THIS GUY???”

Finally she decided enough was enough. She was leaving AJ, again. But it wasn’t enough for her to just go to the game, she wants more of the spotlight than that. So, according to sources, she called the BCS, saying she wanted to award herself to the QB of the National Title winner during the trophy presentation. And that’s what will happen. Katherine Webb will be awarded to either Jameis Winston or Nick Marshall on Monday, literally becoming a trophy girlfriend. OMG How exciting!

And if it doesn’t work out with them, she can always go back to AJ and tell him her heart’s “always been his.” Until it’s someone else’s again.

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