Video: Kent Bazemore is disappointed by the Lakers


Things haven’t been easy for Kent Bazemore or the Lakers this year. Life was going just fine for Bazemore in Golden State (outside of the fact that he wasn’t playing) until the Warriors suddenly decided they wanted Kobe’s personal butler Steve Blake for themselves.

Then Bazemore had to join the nightmare. He’s been so disgusted by it, he’s still tweeting about the Warriors even after leaving them:

Can you blame him?

In the 2nd quarter against the Thunder, Jodie Meeks lined up for a 3 and Kent was all excited on the bench, SURE it was going in.

It…didn’t work out that way. He was a little disappointed.

(Vine via @imsohideouss)

Awwwww :(

But then Jodie Meeks felt sorry for him and started lighting up the Thunder like his name was LeBron and it was the 2012 Finals. See Kent, it all works out in the end.

Keep on tankin.

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