Top 10 funny twitter reactions to Alabama hiring Lane Kiffin


Lane Kiffin…the only thing he does extraordinarily well is keep getting hired. And naturally, he’s done it again, getting hired as Alabama’s offensive coordinator about a week after an offense he advised lost by 14.

Although to be fair, that wasn’t really the offense’s fault, unless he decided he’d curse the defense instead.

What did Nick Saban have to say about his hire?


Ah. That makes more sense.

Katherine Webb?



As you might expect there were a wide variety of very funny reactions on twitter, and we found 10 of the funniest and ranked them. Click through (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom) and check ‘em out.

#10 @BenAxelrod


Very good question and point, one of our top ten has another theory on that.


This is Layla Kiffin. How does Lane pull this $hit off?

Odds are he got Layla by sleeping with a few fat chicks first. Luckiest bastard on earth.


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