Top 10 funny twitter reactions to LeBron’s no call on Paul George


By now you’ve heard LeBron has his way with the officials (not in a Chris Bosh wet dream kind of way) of the NBA on a regular basis, mainly Joey Crawford. It was on full display at the end of their game with the Pacers, as they stepped up in crunch time:

Here’s a GIF of the play where they decided not to call anything on LeBron:


As you can see, LeBron seems to be caressing George’s torso like he just met him at the club.

George certainly thought he was fouled:


(GIFs via  @SBNationGIF)

Some naughty words there Paul…you could’ve offended all the children in Mi…oh who are we kidding, Heat fans turned it off when they were down 15.

But here’s what was really happening there:

As you can imagine, twitter was ablaze with a variety of hilarious reactions to this no-call.

Here are the top 10 we found from a variety of places that were all quite funny.


#10 @bruce_arthur

Maybe? Depends on who’s doing it: LeBron or anyone else.

If it’s not a foul, it’s going to completely change how Chris Bosh plays defense.



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