Everywhere you look, it’s LeBron’s mask. It’s LeBron mask madness!


After LeBron broke his nose on February 20th thanks to Serge Ibaka, the noise had been building about what LeBron would do or what LeBron’s mask on the court would be (there were plenty of memes on the subject:, so much so there was even a movie poster about it:

If LeBron can bring Batman back, that would finally get SOME people to stop hating him. Some.

But of course, there were special rules on how treat him:

Doesn’t sound a whole lot different from the regular LeBron rules.

Finally he debuted what you see at the top, and the madness on twitter began. We’d normally make a #NOTSCTop10 of reactions, but there were just so many that we decided to load up as many as we could. There’s pages of great memes and tweets. Check ‘em out (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom) and enjoy what we’re calling “LeBron mask madness.”

He debuted the latest fashion apparel from a clothing line you may not have heard of:

That could be a line Raymond Felton would be interested in, at least people would actually be scared of him holding a gun.

There was a bonus benefit to the mask that LeBron was no doubt excited about:

But if you notice, he still wore a headband anyway. Wouldn’t want any of that balding area exposed to children, that could be traumatic.

Next up on LeBron mask madness: some of the funniest tweets from the non-photoshopping portion (those poor fools) of twitter.


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