SOURCE: LeBron to honor himself for his $50 donation to Red Cross


On May 21 it became known that Kevin Durant donated one million dollars to the Oklahoma Red Cross, and didn’t even tell anyone. A very humble act. But not to be upstaged, Miami Heat superstar LeBron James has gotten into the act as well. According to a source, he opened his checkbook and gave the Red Cross a whopping 50 dollars. Yes, FIFTY. His humility is amazing. Now, he wants to let everyone on earth know he did it, so he’ll now holding an event to honor himself for his charitable act.

That’s right, LeBron will be hosting an event honoring himself for donating $50. A three hour TV special known as “The King’s Donation.” No word if yet if Jim Gray will be involved. And it doesn’t stop there, oh no. According to that source, he will be building a statue of himself outside of the Oklahoma Red Cross so that Oklahoma residents are constantly reminded of how amazing of a person he is. He’s even going to give 0.000001% of the proceeds from his TV special to the charity. Amazing.

Sure the cost of the statue will run about $100,000, and sure that money probably would’ve been better just being given to the Oklahoma Red Cross. But that’s not the point of donating to charity. You think people donate to charity to actually help people? Come on now. It’s all about making yourself feel better and letting people know what you’ve done. That’s the real key. And like everything else he’s done, LeBron nailed it. He donated $50 when he makes millions. Do you realize how hard that is to do?

LeBron on the donation and the festivities behind it: “I just want people to see that I’ve been humbled by my amazing experiences in Miami. I’m all about helping people. I’m even going to allow fans to attend my event for a nominal fee, and i’m going to give one one millionth of the proceeds to the Red Cross as well. That could easily pile up another 50 cents or a dollar. I just want to see the smile on someone’s face when my humility has enabled them to buy a can of soda.” Wow. LeBron is such a giver.

While Kevin Durant is writing million dollar checks and answering phones during telethons for more donations, LeBron is building statues of himself and holding TV specials about his greatness. It’s obvious who the real hero is here. And we’re all witnesses.


  1. Morgan


    This would be funnier if Lebron didn’t have such a long history of donations, both well publicized ones and less known.

    • LA Zabarte


      You know, you don’t have to take this seriously. If you do, you’re dumb as fuck.

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