LeBron’s headband: Should he wear it or not?


All the talk after Game 6 was when LeBron’s headband came off in the 4th quarter. After it did, he seemed to instantly catch fire. It must have been the headband, right? It couldn’t be the fact that his team was down double digits with 10 minutes left in an elimination game, could it? Nah. Must be the headband. So, the debate has raged on. Should he wear it, or not?  He says he’s going to wear it in Game 7, but should he? Is he going to curse the Heat if he does? What would Tebow do? Let’s go to the tape and see what he did with and without it.


LeBron without headband in Game 6:

12 points, 5 for 11 shooting

LeBron with headband before that:

NBA Champion, NBA Finals MVP, 4 time MVP, 9 time all star, 2 time all star MVP, scoring champion, 7 time All-NBA First Team, 2 time All-NBA Second Team, 5 time NBA All-Defensive team, NBA All-Rookie first team, 2 time Olympic Gold medalist, Naismith Prep Player of the Year, 3 time Ohio Mr. Basketball , 2 time National HS Player of the Year


He’s done fairly decently in both scenarios, but the answer is clear: without the headband. Those awards are nice and all, but how often can you score TWELVE points in a 4th quarter/OT? The entire Bobcats TEAM would struggle to do that. Additionally, if he wears the headband, how is he going to be able to carry around all those awards and play basketball at the same time? He’s an amazing player, but he’s not THAT amazing.

Plus, this is David Stern’s last chance to give him awards. If he plays without the headband and dominates, Stern will probably give him all of the awards that he’s won with the headband. That would make him an 8 time MVP and 18 time all star having played only 10 seasons. Now THAT is something Michael Jordan couldn’t top. And how often can an 80 year old man (at least that’s how old he looks without it) win the Finals for an NBA team? Exactly. It’s settled. Ditch the headband.

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