LeBroning: So much better than Tebowing


Remember #Tebowing? When people would kneel and pretend pray like idiots everyhwere, including in random intersections (god will keep you from dying, right?). Well now, there’s #LeBroning, something a lot better (and a lot funnier) named after…well, you should know.



As you know, (again, unless you’re a Heat fan or a writer/analyst/blogger that likes to ride his jock like a mechanical bull) he so called “best player in the world,” isn’t past some Sharknado level acting to try and get an “advantage” (like he doesn’t already have all of them already).

Well now, kids in school are looking for an advantage as well:

Some of them could teach LeBron a few tricks.

The only thing they’re missing in that is this:


That’ll be the next meme. #JoeyCrawfording

So then you can be #LeBroning after #FaithHilling and then #TaylorSwifting and #JoeyCrawfording. Or something.



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