SOURCE: LeBron asked Pacers ball boys not to wipe sweat off the floor


Before Game 4, LeBron James had an unusual request (well, unusual for most people not named LeBron James at least): he asked the ball boys working for the Pacers to not ever wipe the sweat off the floor. Why? He wanted to make it easier for him to flop, of course. Have you tried sliding and diving around on a dry wood floor? It’s not easy. Try it yourself. Who knows, if you can do it well enough you might get a call to join the Heat bench as a “designated flopper.” Now THAT would be cool.

But back to LeBron. He approached the ball boys in warmups with a simple request. Whenever they saw a wet spot on the floor or heard a player complaining about a wet spot on the floor, he wanted them to do nothing about it. “Just pretend like you can’t hear them. I do it all the time with fans, media, etc.” James said. According to a source, LeBron actually asked the ball boys to point out where the wet spots were so he would be aware of it. Remember LeBron’s mantra: anything for an edge. Knowing that, they should probably give LeBron a test for performance enhancers, but David Stern would never do that to his baby boy.

The ball boys were so in awe of LeBron they did whatever he asked. One of the ball boys on responding to LeBron’s request: “Dude, it’s the KING. I’d cut off one of my arms with a plastic knife if he wanted me to.” Uh okay, sure. Apparently the Pacers need better background checks when hiring their ball boys, but that’s another story for another day. Did LeBron reward them for their loyalty? “LeBron let me bring him a cup of water without charging me to do so like he normally would. Oh my god, that was SO cool. I love him.” As usual, LeBron’s a crowd pleaser.

Obviously his strategy worked out, check out this masterpiece of basketball “skill” he was able to pull off:


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Unfortunately for Lord of the Flop James, in the midst of all his discussions with the Pacer ball boys, he forgot to have his usual pep talk with the refs before the Game about what fouls not to call on him (you know, all of them). As a result, he fouled out, and the Heat lost, tying the series at 2 games a piece. He better get his priorities straight and make sure the refs are on his side or he could wind up flopping around looking for foul calls in a different place for the Finals: his living room.


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