SOURCES: LeBron Hopes To Become “Besties” With Paul George


Lebron James made a new friend last night during the Miami Heat’s 97-93 loss to the Indiana Pacers. Sources close to James told revealed that James had a “small man crush” on Paul George and that he hopes the two can “become besties” by the end of the series.

It all started when Paul George blew by the reigning MVP and posterized Chris Andersen at the close of the 3rd quarter. LeBron immediately sought out George, hoping for a bro hug, but settled for a simple low five as not to seem too eager. “LeBron likes to play hard to get,” the source claimed.

Reports have trickled in that Lebron showed up at George’s hotel room this morning at 8 AM, hoping that George could “come out and play.” James allegedly brought a few coloring books, some Pokemon and a box of G.I. Joes.

George never answered the door. “It’s cool,” LeBron had said. “He’s busy now, I get it. I’ll just call him later and see if he wants to come over. My mom will make grilled cheese sandwiches.”

LeBron James didn’t seem all too concerned with winning the series. “If we win, don’t get me wrong, that’d be cool, but I think it’d make Pauly happy if they won, and that’s cool too. He’s a great guy.”

“I’m just excited to have a cool new friend,” James concluded.

Chris Bosh made himself unavailable to the media after hearing the news.

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