Oliver Stone’s Jon Lester Conspiracy


Oliver Stone has become a rabid Cardinals fan. He doesn’t truly care for the Cardinals much, but he loves conspiracies. A movie is already in the works about the Hollywood mogul’s latest crusade.

Squarely in the cross-hairs of the “JFK” director is Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester, who faces allegations of having Vaseline in his glove during his excellent Game 1 performance. That may be why he seems to be channeling former District Attorney Jim Garrison while address this case. “There is clearly a magic substance on the inside of Lester’s glove,” Stone told the assembled media. “Watch as his hand goes up, and to the right. Up, and to the right. Up, and to the right.”


(GIF courtesy

“We are through the looking glass here people!”

Other Game 1 conspiracies from Oliver Stone include a mole in the Red Sox clubhouse replacing Peter Kozma’s glove with a much smaller glove, sneaking droplets into the eyes of third baseman David Freeze to make first base seem much closer than it actually is and building a short fence in right field of Fenway Park 73 years ago with the explicit intent of Carlos Beltran injuring his ribs by running into it to make a catch. However, even Oliver Stone cannot explain the pop up that dropped between Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina.

Some Cardinals fans do not believe that Stone is taking this far enough, insisting that Game 1 never really took place, but was actually played out by actors on a sound stage in Hollywood.

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