GIF: Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas killed a guy


New Year’s Eve brought a matchup between Virginia Tech and UCLA in the “Two QBs you probably want nothing to do with but will get drafted for “upside” anyway” Bowl. This meant an appearance by none other than Josh Freeman, Jr. himself, Logan Thomas.

At one point in the first half, Logan Thomas took off running with the ball on an option play but decided to keep it himself. As usual, a Logan Thomas decision had drastic consequences.

But, this time, it was for the defense:


(GIF via

RIP, UCLA defender. Getting steamrolled by a QB is a rough way to go.

Here’s a visual representation of what the UCLA defender saw coming before the hit:


(Meme via @TheNorthEndzone)

Logan Thomas the Tank Engine doesn’t play around. Just don’t ask him to throw a football. That doesn’t end well either.

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