NBA Love Triangle: Durant, Melo and the Scoring Title


Only one man will end up with their utmost desire: The Scoring Title. Carmelo Anthony is currently averaging 28.44 points per game. Kevin Durant, 28.35 points per game. The Knicks have just 6 games left on the schedule, the Thunder just 5. With only a 10th of a point between them, this beautiful prize is completely up for grabs.

“I’d do anything to win the scoring title,” Anthony said. “Except pass the ball. Definitely not doing that.” When reminded that passing the ball can create openings for not only his teammates, but also better opportunities for himself, he simply laughed it off, “Nah. You’re not gonna trick me. Not passin’ it.”

Durant, who has won the title the past three seasons consecutively, was a little more timid in his desires. “Even if she leaves me (referring to the scoring title), she’ll come back. All them hoes come back.”

Kevin Durant has received a lot of his scoring from the foul line. “She likes when I take it slow, concentrate, and follow through.” Durant is amongst the leaders in the NBA, heading to the line 9.3 times per game. His long, skinny frame and nearly weightless body structure makes it seem like he’s being fouled every time even slight wind brushes against him, for example farts.

Anthony, on the other hand, prefers pure volume shooting to attain his point totals. “I like to shoot it, then shoot it again, then shoot it again, then shoot it again, then shoot it again, then shoot it again, then…” <Edited to save space>

When Anthony was asked about the idea of sharing the award as Co Scoring Champs, Anthony’s face turned to utter disgust. “You mean like cut the ball with a knife down the middle, so we each get to take half home?” Tears streamed down his face. “Nah, if that’s the case, I’d rather see the ball in Durant’s hands. I couldn’t go on living with that kind of guilt.”

It’s that sort of passion that may just earn him the accolade.

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