Ian Mahinmi’s Game 1 foul on LeBron upgraded to first degree murder


Early in the fourth quarter of Game 1, LeBron James was fouled by Pacers C Ian Mahinmi. It looked bad, mostly due to LeBron flopping around like a fish out of water after the play. It wasn’t even convincing flopping like Grizzlies G Tony Allen’s flop either. It was just…bad.

After some debate and a review, the play was ruled a regular shooting foul, much to the outrage of LeBron, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, Heat fans, and David Stern. Stern reviewed with the officials after the game and reminded them: ALL fouls on LeBron are flagrant fouls, unless it was obvious he wasn’t touched at all. Then it’s just a regular shooting foul. The officials apologized, saying that they forgot to review the “LeBron rules” chapter of the NBA rulebook before the game. They’re slacking.

So, to correct their mistake, today the NBA upgraded the foul. Not to a flagrant foul as others have reported, but to first degree murder. Mahinmi will be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, and will not be afforded the right to a trial. Yes, that’s directly in contrast with the constitution and due process rights we are all afforded as Americans, but we’re talking about the NBA here. Most laws, rules, restrictions, drug policies, etc. simply don’t apply to NBA players.

David Stern: “We take touching LeBron VERY seriously. He had his arm on him for a good 3 seconds. In my book, that’s like committing murder with malice aforethought. There’s no need for a trial, he’s clearly guilty. Ian has been informed of the decision, and understands. He has requested to play the rest of the series as his last request and I’m kind-hearted enough to allow him to do so.” Awww, that’s so nice of him. For a cold-hearted dictator, Stern really is a sweetheart.

But what about the union? Shouldn’t the NBA players union be a bit outraged at one of their members being sentenced to life in prison without committing a crime (At least until Stern has the law adjusted so that touching LeBron is a felony)? NBPA President Derek Fisher: “It’s out of my hands. There was a clause in the last CBA that said Stern would be allowed to do whatever he wants and we couldn’t contest it. We probably shouldn’t have signed that.” No you, probably shouldn’t have. But they did.

So, the moral of the story is: don’t you dare touch LeBron, or you will pay. Not with money…but with your LIFE.



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