GIF: Johnny Manziel never stops autographing, even on the field


Much was made over the offseason about every single thing Johnny Manziel did. After all, you can only ask LeBron so many times in a day what it was he had for lunch (hopefully no one decides to test this statement after this).

Whether he was “dehydrated” or just a drunk ( ) or a Texas fan that swore he paid him $200,000 but had no evidence ( or whether he was trading autographs for “food” (, everybody was all over everything he did. And it hasn’t stopped.

After being suspended for a whopping 30 minutes for whatever he may or may not have done, Johnny took the field again against Rice in the most heavily hyped 2nd half of a game against an overmatched team you’ll ever see (at least until Johnny get suspended for a half again). As you can see below, on his first TD pass, he demonstrated how he never stops, NCAA be damned.


(GIF via LA Times and the Tonight Show)

At least the kid knows business never stops. Gotta worry about that bottom line at all times.¬†Next stop: scoring a TD, doing a line of coke off a cheerleader’s boobs, signing them, taking money for it, and then peeing on the NCAA logo. Come on Johnny, you know you want to.


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