Pacers coach Frank Vogel named NBA Eastern Conference Finals MVP


The Heat finished off the Pacers in Game 7, so it’s time to hand out the awards. The obvious choice would be LeBron…or so you would think. Not this time. NBA officials recognized that without a certain person, Game 7 would have never taken place in the first place. No, not one of the officials…Pacers coach Frank Vogel. The NBA has recognized his clutch benching of Roy Hibbert late in Game 1 and named him Eastern Conference Finals MVP.

David Stern on Vogel’s MVP win: “Frank’s performance in Game 1 was the stuff legends are made of. I mean…taking out your giant center to let my boy LeBron score so easily? I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank him enough. So I can at least try with this award. I have to mix it up from time to time and give someone not named LeBron an award. I know it sounds weird but it’s what I do to keep myself entertained. It’s so funny to see the look on some people’s faces.” It’s a real shame this guy is retiring.

LeBron on Frank Vogel’s MVP win: “Dude came up huge. Sure I carried the team myself for most of the series, but I don’t have that opportunity without Frank. The first time in my career I’ve ever had a real coach help me out and he’s not even on my team. That’s part of what happens when you get coached by guys like Mike Brown and Erik Spoelstra. God if I ever had a guy like Frank on my own team we’d never lose.” He’s probably right about that.

Frank Vogel on his win: “This is one of the greatest honors a Heat fan ( could possibly ever receive. Unfortunately I’m in the Eastern Conference so I can’t win Finals MVP for the Heat. But man, it’s so cool. I knew Roy Hibbert was getting in the way of LeBron and I just had to make sure he wouldn’t do that. LeBron took perfect advantage. I couldn’t have written it up any better.” No, but David Stern certainly could (has).

Thanks to Frank Vogel, we’ll get an NBA Finals Matchup of Heat vs. Spurs, one more than 8 people will actually watch. We should join David Stern in thanking him.

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