Updated Vegas odds on who will return to play in the NBA first


With the news of Russell Westbrook’s injury, Vegas has updated their odds on who will be back and playing in the NBA first. Various names of injured stars to retired stars, including a few surprises. Some decent value in here. Place your bets now!

Russell Westbrook- 1:1

Kobe Bryant- 1.5:1

Rajon Rondo- 2:1

Danilo Gallinari- 2:1

Kevin Ware- 3:1

Butch McRae- 20:1

Neon Boudeaux- 20:1

Allen Iverson- 25:1

Greg Oden- 50:1

Shaquille O’Neal- 75:1

Michael Jordan- 99:1

Lewis Scott- 250:1

Charles Barkley- 500:1

Magic Johnson- 5,000:1

Jerry West- 9,999:1

Wilt Chamberlain- 500,000:1

Andrew Bynum- 999,999:1

Derrick Rose- 100,000,000,000:1

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